Wheel Master 4 Hose Flexible Extension Kit w Hub Mount for 22″ Steel Dual Wheels 8004



This 4 Hose Kit works on 22 inch and up steel dual wheels (for aluminum wheels use 8110A). Includes 15” inner stem and 10“ outer stem plus all the parts you need to mount the extensions stabilizers to your wheel cover.


You will rivet 2 L-brackets on opposite sides of the center hub part of your wheel cover and these brackets will stabilize the flexible extension for inflating or adding TPMS.

These heavy duty inflators are constructed of high quality two-ply rubber tubing reinforced with a stainless braided hose wrap to withstand the elements and road hazards. Easy to install, no special tools required, the hoses attach to your existing valve stems (no need to remove valve core) allowing proper inflation and pressure checks in seconds.