Valve Stem Extensions (2/ pkg) with Long Sleeve for Extra Strength and Stability – 6″



Description – 2/ package


The 6″ extension WILL WORK on most 22.5″ inner and outer STEEL WHEELS although it may not come out center and you cannot bend these extensions so you might consider using the 6″ flexible extensions.

It WON’T WORK on most 16″ and 17″ wheels because your stem will be too short and the extra long sleeve will hit the wheel before the extension can be screwed on. You can use a 5″ extension or consider a 6″ flexible extension.

It WON”T WORK on most 22.5″ steel inner and aluminum outer because it is too long and will bump the aluminum wheel as the wheel turns in just at the end of the extension and will make a small dent in your wheel. The 4‘ or 5″ extension will work for most 22.5″ steel inner, aluminum outer wheels.

Straight Valve Extenders (2 per package).  Enjoy easy access to your valve stems when you need a little more length. These high quality, durable, nickel plated brass valve extenders have hexagonal end for easy installation with a wrench. The longer sleeve helps keep the extension stable when adding a TPMS sensor to it.

When adding an extension 4′ or longer, you need to add an extension stabilizer to keep it from moving.