Valve Stem Extensions (2/ pkg) with Long Sleeve for Extra Strength and Stability – 4″



Description – 2/ package


Straight Valve Extenders (2 per package).  Enjoy easy access to your valve stems when you need a little more length. These high quality, durable, nickel plated brass valve extenders have hexagonal end for easy installation with a wrench. The longer sleeve helps keep the extension stable when adding a TPMS sensor to it.

A 4″ extension will reach to just inside the outside hand hole when used on an inside 22.5″ aluminum wheel. If you are adding a TPMS sensor to your extension, you may want to use a 5″ extension which will come just past the outside hand hole.

When adding an extension 4′ or longer, you need to add an extension stabilizer to keep it from moving.